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The Church has a very vibrant and dynamic youth ministry.The ministry has grately impacted the youth of the church and the community of Dansoman. It currently, has 4 main cells, the Eagles Cell, the Lions of Juday Cell,the Doves Cell and the Chariot of Fire Cell. The leadership structure is made up the Principal Executives, The Cell Presidents and the Cell Coordinatoors.

The Possibility Club of Principals is a group of young, dynamic and energetic young kingdom enterpreneurs who are making great strives in their fields or professions. This club was formed to empower the young entrepreneurs.

The Chariot of Fire youth Cell was birthed in the month of May 2010 with few member mostly new youthful members of possibility. Adjoa Yerenkyi, a member of the youth council by the time, was given the task to come out with a name for the new cell. With much prayer and careful study of the bible, she proposed the name ‘Chariots of Fire’ which has its base in line with the scripture in 2kings 2:11. According to the scripture, Elijah the prophet was suddenly and speedily separated from Elisha and taken into heaven by chariots of fire. In the process, Elijah was transformed by fire and Elisha was empowered by fire. The Name LIONS OF JUDAH for the Second Cell was picked from Rev: 5:5 where Jesus Christ our Lord and King is described as the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH .Known as Gentle Giants, the Doves Youth Cell is a group of gentle but vibrant youth. They stand for puity,peace and power.

The Singles Ministry of ICGC Dansoman Assembly seeks to orient the singles of the church on how to live a dedicated life unto Lord, prepare them for a successful marriage life.