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Adult Bible Class -ABC

This is a training program to equip new believers and members of the church with knowledge, understanding and toools they need in order to grow into the image of Christ. It is also to help members develop their God-given talents and spiritual gifts, as well as grow into leadership where they can serve God and others. The program is divided into four classes namely: (new believers, membership, maturity and ministry). New Believers Class (The Concept Is: You Are Beginning With Christ) The New Believers Class teaches the new convert what it means to come to Christ, gives them the basic principles of the Christian faith by which they are to live and grow in the new life. Membership Class (The Concept Is: You Are Connecting With God’s Family) This class teaches participants what it means to be a member of the ICGC family, the members’ commitment to the family and the family’s commitment to the member. Maturity Class. (The Concept Is: You Are Growing In Faith The maturity class teaches Christian doctrine on which the pillars of the universal church stand. Ministry Class. ( The Concept Is: You Are Living To Serve Others).

The ministry class teaches about the existing ministries (services) in the church and assists members to find a place of service or encourages him/her to create a new service in which they can serve best.